How to get a free website for your online business?


Are you looking to create a free website ?

Are you looking for a static website to run your online business or explore freelancing opportunities? Get you free website with best hosting and domain at boss4hosting. If yes keep reading this blog to understand how to get a free website.

A website is the face of your company. Even when your business has a physical existence, it is a must to own a website, so you don’t end up losing people who search for you online. 

With the changing digital landscape, the rise in internet users is unabated. Before making a purchase decision, your customers search for online products and services you offer. 

To show up on the search engines, it is important to have an online presence. The potential customer may recommend others about you who immediately search for you online. But if you don’t own a website, you might lose your potential customer. 

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Even when a website is an indispensable part of most companies and websites, data indicate how still 2 out of every 10 companies still run out of the website. The number is high for small scale businesses and freelancers.  

Moreover, if you have decided to create a website now, we hope you consider the extensive research to find an impeccable website design and development company. Subcontracting the company or website designer and work incessantly to help him understand the right hues and aesthetics and structure. 

The designer may even ask for a whopping amount if you are looking for a basic website in a short span of time. 

Today there a lot of website developing companies that help you design a basic website with minimum investment. Here’s a complete guide on how to get a free website.

What do you need for a basic website?

There are 2 crucial elements for any website – Hosting and a Domain name. Additionally, you may need a content manager and other people to manage your site. 

Hosting: The hosting provider helps you to space on the webserver where your website files are stored. A hosting provider is hosting your website. 

Note – To get you free website, host your website with boss4hosting.

Domain name: The name of your website. It allows visitors to easily find the server where your website is located. (For example, )

Note – Choose your domain, from a list of domain names at boss4hosting.

Content Management System: It is a tool to design your web and upload your content.

Professional Email: Allows you to have your domain name in the email address instead of Gmail or other similar services. (For example, 

If you are looking to create a website, probably you’ll contract all the service providers separately. But with, you can find all the services in one place. From hosting your website to finding a suitable name for designing a basic website. 

Is it possible to get a website designed for free?

There are a lot of web designers that help you design websites for free. The domain name and hosting are a cost for these companies, but post that design your website for free with space limitation and shared domain name. 

You can simply pick a template and get a website designed or customize it by answering a few questions and get a free website designed for you. 

Whether you are a pro or creating a website for the first time, get your website built exactly the way you want. Now Create your website and manage your business in one place with A reliable hosting provider, a domain name with top-notch security, our team is dedicated to helping you get your website for free. 

Step by Step guide to create a free website 

Here are a series of steps that you need to follow to create a free website. 

1. Buy Hosting and Domain 

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The initial step is to create a free website is to purchase a domain and hosting provider. To create your website for free you have to purchase a hosting and domain form The hosting provider helps you save your web files and the domain helps to provide visibility for your brand and help people find you. 

2. Sign up for a free website builder. 

Once you buy hosting and domain from boss4hosting the next step is to register for a free website builder. Click the link below and enter your credentials. Once you specify your name, email address, choose what kind of website you want to create.

Submit this Form to get the Free website

Answer a series of question that helps us understand what you hope to achieve with your website. Are you designing a website to support your online business, drive more customers, or sell products or services. 

Once we get a clear idea about end goals, we create a free website to meet your expectation. Adapt your website as your goals change. 

3. Get in touch with the team

Once you purchase hosting and domain from and Sign up to create your website for free, someone will reach you out from (A dedicated team who will help you create a website) and boss4hosting.

The team will understand the objective of creating a free website and guide you on a real-time basis.

3.Customize your website 

If you are looking to customize your website, spend some time on planning. Create an ideal structure for your website. What all elements you want to place on your website. Answer a few questions, and we will build a personalized website with custom fonts and images. 

free website

Whether you are starting your blog, online store, or accepting online booking has everything covered for you. 

4. Start with your business

Run a blog, capture leads, and accept payments right from your website. Once experts design your free website at, the login credentials are provided to you. You have the freedom to create the website you want to meet your end goals. 

What exactly your free website looks like?

The websites created by the team are static as these websites are safe compared to dynamic websites as they don’t require any plugins or additional software. 

The 5-10 page static website basically features

  • Home page,
  • About us page
  • Service, or the product page
  • Blog & Newsletter
  • Chatbot
  • Call to action
  • Contact Us


Meanwhile, if you are looking to create a free website with the best hosting and domain to grow your business will assist you from scratch. Create your online presence by designing a free website where you can manage your domains, hosting, email, online store all in one convenient place. Explore a powerful site builder to create a modern, professional website and choose a plan later when you grow. Sign-up for a permanent, no-cost website, no credit card required. Build and publish your website with social media, email marketing, one-time appointments, SSL, etc. 

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