How to receive bank messages on the Indian phone number while travelling abroad?


Are you travelling abroad and wondering how to keep your Indian phone number active to receive bank messages and OTP. 

The situation can be dreadful if you own an Indian phone number for all your banking services while travelling abroad. How to receive OTP on your Indian phone while you are in some other country? 

Let me help you with the solution in this blog we will discuss a series of options which you can use to access banking messages and OTP on your Indian phone number when abroad. 

There can be multiple scenarios. Let us understand all of them.

1.Suppose you are willing to leaving your phone in India(home country) and does not want to carry it along with you. But you still wish to get notified about banking services and OTP all you can put it in some android smartphone connected with web(data). Install Smsbackplus application. You can sync it with your Google account. It will direct all the messages right in your Gmail folder. Application is safe and secure. Make sure that your Indian phone number is active and has a data connection. 

2. Second, if you are travelling to another country with an active Indian number without paying extra charges, shift to roaming, check with your service provider and activate your roaming plan. 

Now make sure that you are no using the internet or attending voice call. This will keep your number activated to receive text messages. No charges will be levied for messages and calls ignored. 

3.  You can choose a roaming plan with unlimited incoming calls, messages for almost all Asian countries and European countries.

In case you are visiting more than one country, then before taking roaming plan check if the telecom service provider has the country covered in the same category of roaming plan. Don’t pay extra while travelling to different countries. Just pay for a single roaming plan that gets activated in the country you travel. 

Airtel – International Roaming plan 

Airtel has an international roaming plan starting as low as Rs. 196, available for most popular travel destinations and is aimed at offering travellers the convenience of keeping in touch with their friends and family instantly. You can make and receive free local calls and outgoing calls to India. The company offers the option of choosing from three affordable voice calling packs, starting at Rs. 196 for 20 mins, Rs. 296 for 40 minutes and Rs. 446 for 75 mins.

The 10-day roaming pack starts at Rs. 1199 for Singapore & Thailand, offers unlimited free incoming calls, 2GB data and 250 mins of free calling to India and 100 free SMS, daily.

A 10-day pack for US-Canada, UK is available for Rs. 2999 and offer unlimited free incoming calls, 2GB data and 250 mins of free calling to India and 100 free SMS, daily.

Vodafone – International Roaming plan 

Vodafone offers Rs. 599 i-Roam international plan which is valid for one day and includes 50 minutes of outgoing calling to the travelling country and India. The Rs. 2,999 plan comes with a validity of seven days and has 200 minutes for outgoing calls. It also offers free incoming calls, 25 text messages, and 2GB of data. Vodafone postpaid subscribers can also opt for the 

Rs. 3,999 plan for 10 days to get 300 minutes of outgoing calls to local country and India, whereas the Rs. 6995 plan offers 28 days of validity and gives 500 minutes of outgoing calls, free incoming calls, 100 SMS messages, and 5GB of data.

Jio – International Roaming plan 

Jio offers international plan priced at Rs 575, with a validity of one day and offers you 100 minutes of outgoing calls to India and local networks. Incoming calls abroad are unlimited with this tariff. You also get 100 SMS and 250MB  4G data with the same. 

The Jio Rs 2,875 international roaming plan offers the same benefits as the Rs 575 pack with the validity of seven days.

The most expensive international roaming recharge pack from Reliance Jio is priced at Rs 5,751, with a validity of 30 days. The plan provides you 1,500 minutes of outgoing calls with unlimited free incoming calls. You get 5GB 4G data. You also get 1,500 text messages for a month with this plan.

Jio international roaming packs are available only in 20 countries across the globe. These include Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom.

Jio has a separate plan applicable for 170 countries. With a validity of 28 days, the plan is priced for Rs 1,211.  The outgoing international calls are charged at Rs 100 per minute. However, calls to India, local calls, and incoming calls will set you back by Rs 2 per minute. The same pack will charge you Rs 2 per message and Rs 2 per MB of data. Marketed as Rs 2-2-2 plan, the plan is only applicable in the US, Canada, UK, Singapore, among others. In countries like Taiwan, China, and more, the outgoing calls and SMS is charged at Rs 10 per minute of voice call/message / 1MB of data.

Which is the best roaming plan if I’m travelling abroad and want to receive text messages?

For countries like USA, UK, Canada, France, and Germany, Airtel has an IR pack priced at Rs 3997 that offers unlimited incoming, 5GB data, 500 minutes of local/India calling, and 100 SMS for a validity of 30 days.

Opting for the roaming plan is the best option if you are looking to carry to your Indian number abroad and receive your bank messages and OTP. It completely depends on the telecom service provider you are using and the number of days you are travelling. Choose the best roaming plan to activate your services and receive messages and stay connected with your loved ones. 

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