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Have you ever thought of turning your grocery shopping into savings?  Fetch rewards offers you an option to save while you shop for your grocery.

The list of a grocery keeps expanding so does the budget. A huge amount of your income is spent on everyday essentials. Even if you fix a budget to your grocery shopping, you end up buying something extra to relax those hunger pangs.

What if we told you to shop more and save more. Yes, Fetch Rewards turns out your nightmare into savings. All you need is a grocery receipt. Simply scan your grocery receipt and save big on all the major products throughout the store. 

Each time you scan your grocery receipt, certain points are credited into your account. Relax no gimmick marketing tactic or chasing down expiring deals or foray on savings. Just shop, scan and save. It’s that easy.

The easy to use mobile app Fetch Rewards is an experience to save on thousands of products you purchase. Just click a photo of your recent grocery receipt on the app and within seconds get your reward points credited to your account. The option is available for every receipt you scan.  Keep on collecting reward points to save on next grocery shopping. 

Fetch Rewards

Unlike any cashback or rebate coupon, the app does not ask you to unlock savings by collecting certain points. Simply scan your receipt and earn points. 

The process of searching a coupon code can be daunting, and it may or may not be applicable to all the grocery stores. The Fetch app removes all the stress on the part of customers by eliminating the need for coupons. 

Now you save for every grocery shopping you make. Once you end up making purchase open the app to scan your receipt, in a minute or more few points will be reflected in your account. When points are credited on a real-time basis, you don’t miss on any further discounts or savings.  The more you scan, the more you save.

Fetch  rewards

How to use Fetch Receipt ?

Unfurl from the stress of spending a whopping amount on the grocery. This is an easy way to save money, just a click away. Simply scan your grocery receipt at any grocery store, convenience store, liquor store, big-box store, and anywhere else, you purchase grocery products – and submit. You don’t simply wait to collect certain points or chase money but get points credited to your account redeemed for hundreds of rewards. You can use your points however you want.

With one scan, turn your grocery receipt into a free cup of coffee, a night at the movies, a relaxing day at the spa, or a birthday present for your child.

Make sure you scan your receipt within 14 days from the date of purchase to claim your points. With other cashback and grocery reward apps, you apply coupons before or after your purchase to save, but sometimes you forget or make an impulse purchase while shopping, and that shouldn’t keep you from earning rewards. With Fetch Rewards, you can just shop and let the savings come to you.

The Fetch Rewards is not merely restricted to savings but also help you plan your shopping, track your purchases and fix a budget for your shopping. Build and deal with your next shopping rundown or quest our recipe library for a huge number of recipes. Discover a recipe you need to attempt? Bookmark it on the app and add the ingredients to your shopping list with a single click. View your customized shopping history to see where you shop and the amount you spend and save. 

Fetch Rewards makes it simple and rewarding to save money on groceries. Turn your grocery receipts into points and points into rewards. 

Fetch Rewards Referral Code

Get 2000 points ($2 value) when you sign up for Fetch Rewards using this referral code. Once you signup, just submit 1 grocery receipt to claim your points.

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