How to send medicines from India to USA?


Some medicines cost you less relatively what you find in the USA. This is why many Indian Citizens ought to find a way to send medicines to their loved ones staying abroad. If you are an NRI or Indian citizen looking for the best way to ship your medicines from India to USA, don’t worry – we have got this covered.

People are often concerned about procedures and legalities to ship medicines from India to the USA. This blog is a complete guide and answer to all your queries.

Is it legal to send medicines from India to USA?

It is illegal to send medicines or devices in the U.S. for personal use as the FDA doesn’t approve most of the products in other countries for sale in the USA. FDA can’t ensure whether these products are safe or effective; therefore, it is illegal to import.

However, the FDA has laid down some guidelines to import medicine if it is needed for treatment and not available in the U.S. One must ensure that the medicine required isn’t available in the USA for the treatment.

Following are the series of instructions to be followed by FDA personnel to import medicine that may be illegal in the USA. Each application needs to meet the guidelines to get your medicine delivered in the USA.

  • The medicinal drug is used for a serious condition for which there is no medicine available in the USA.
  • No promotion or marketing is allowed to the USA residents.
  • The drug doesn’t cause any health-related risks to an individual.
  • A written statement stating that the medicine will be used none other than own personal use.
  • A letter in English addressed to a Customs and Border Protection officer or broker that clearly instructs that drug is used for the treatment outside the USA or specifies the licensed physician’s name under whose supervision the treatment will be carried out.
  • You aren’t allowed to import more than three month supply of the drug.

Documents required to send medicines from India to USA

According to DST Courier, a list of the following documents is required to import your medicine in the USA –

  • Copy of Aadhar Card (Sender)
  • The original hard copy of the prescription
  • Medicines bill
  • Visa copy
  • Passport copy

How to send medicine from India to USA?

Before we deep dive into the process, here are few things you should keep in mind before sending medicines to your loved ones in USA –

  • Make sure you don’t import medicines more than 90 days supply.
  • Medicines imported into USA should be for personal use and not for commercial purposes.
  • Medicines can only be sent to USA after the approval of the FDA.
  • Not all medicines can be sent to USA.
  • It is mandatory to attach a doctor’s prescription.
  • List of documents such as Aadhar Card, Passport copy of both sender and receiver is required.

Make sure you follow all the instructions to avoid any confusion.

There are many courier services, both domestic and international, that can help you deliver medicines to USA from India.

These services vary in terms of charges, duration, insurance, availability in the selected city. The charges are generally decided based on the destination and dimensions of the Shipment.

DST courier is the best courier service to send your medicine from India to U.S. on time and at affordable prices. Your Shipment is completely safe with them, and the added feature of tracking helps you get a real-time update.

1.Book the Consignment

Fill the form and enter your credentials. Your parcel is booked for delivery.

2.Real Time Tracking

Once your parcel is out for delivery, you can track to get a real-time update. Get to know the exact location of your parcel.

3.Safe Shipment

Your parcel is safe with a DST courier. Your parcel reaches in the exact state without damage or loss of item in transit.

4.On time Delivery

The expected date of delivery is displayed once you enter your details. The service providers ensure that your parcel reaches the stipulated time. The added feature of tracking gives you an update on the delivery of the parcel.

What if you don’t have a Doctor’s prescription?

A doctor’s prescription is one important document to be submitted before sending medicine from India to USA. What if you don’t have one?

Don’t worry, DST courier has got this covered. They can arrange a teleconsultation with a doctor to get the prescription.

Send a WhatsApp message of prescription or photocopy of the medicine on the number available on their website to determine the availability and the cost of the medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does the import rules apply to the medications for pets?

Yes, the guidelines remain the same for the medication of pets. In this case, you need to prove that the required medicinal drug isn’t available in the USA and a letter from the licensed veterinarian treating your pet.

2.Why should I choose the DST courier to send medicines from India to USA?

DST courier is a leading service provider not only in India or USA but in more than 200 countries. When it comes to life-saving drugs, time is an important factor. You need to rely on a service provider who can send your medicines to your door quickly and efficiently.
Certain service providers may refrain from delivering your medicines, but the DST courier helps you import all the medicines which are legal in USA and approved by the FDA.


The cost of medicinal facilities in USA is twice what you expect in India. The best approach is to get medicines delivered to USA from India through the DST courier. Make sure you don’t import medicines more than 90 days supply and attest documents that serve as evidence that medicine will be used for treatment in USA.

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