Where to get documents notarized for free in US?

If you are looking to get your documents notarized, it usually means standing in a queue, waiting at UPS, FedEx to show up. This can turn out to be a dreadful situation for a lot of people. If you are employed and working incessantly throughout the week, this can be a great hassle to manage […]

How to receive bank messages on the Indian phone number while travelling abroad?

Are you travelling abroad and wondering how to keep your Indian phone number active to receive bank messages and OTP.  The situation can be dreadful if you own an Indian phone number for all your banking services while travelling abroad. How to receive OTP on your Indian phone while you are in some other country?  […]

IPL LIVE 2020 Schedule |IPL Live streaming

IPL (Indian Premier Leauge) has a massive following not only in India but also among people abroad. For the past 12 years, IPL has become the most popular cricket tournament to grapple attention across the world. Now Watch get ready to watch IPL Live. With the announcement of the schedule for IPL, each of us is […]

Hotstar UK Special Subcription Offer

UK HOTSTAR SUBSCRIPTION AND PROMO CODE If you are looking to stream Hotstar UK Special Subscription Offer unlimited content UK Hotstar is the best option. Hotstar is a leading online streaming platform that brings you local and regional content. The content on Hotstar is available in 8 regional languages. You can not only watch the […]

Best Shipping Option for India.

It can be quite daunting to find the Best shipping options for India. Are you looking to move or send your stuff to India but can’t find the reliable shipping services. Don’t panic; this blog is a guide to find the cheap and best shipping options to India. Every year a lot of people return […]

Flight Travel instructions who want to travel during and COVID-19

For the people who want to come back from India to USA or must travel on a plane during Covid-19 pandemic ( though no. 1 only happens in India as far as I know 🙂): 1. First call a medical store to order Sanitizers ( with minimum 67% alcohol), Dettol spray or wipes ( like […]

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