Best Phone Network in the USA


Best phone network to use in the USA

The USA is the leading technologically developed countries. The USA is one of the cosmopolitans cities in which different status of people lives. Even though, it is one of the advanced nations. But still, people using phone network faces connectivity and network issues. In the USA there were many phone networks, But all are not providing the best services like high internet speed, good network connectivity. Due to its vast geographical area, it is very challenging to choose the best phone network that covers all the geographical locations. Every phone network differs as per the user’s standards. Some users want high internet speed, and some users want a budget prepaid plan. So in this article, we have a solution for all your usage. Overall we have taken deep research in the USA market regarding the best phone network. Our report is purely based on customer usage, customers reviews, and customer certification. We have gone through all the statistics and given you the article regarding the best phone network.

Verizon Phone Network

  • Verizon is the best phone network to use in the USA.
  • It provides users with high 4G connectivity speed up to 10 Mbps download speed and 4 Mbps upload speed.
  • Verizon network provides a clear network in all regions both in cities and hilly regions. Even in deserted areas.
  • Verizon network connection plays a major role. They follow good contract plans which benefits much for customers.
  • Major setbacks which user report as that Verizon phone network is not budget-friendly. Verizon prices are too high for some users.

T – Mobile Phone Network

  • T – mobile phone network is one of the most trusted phone networks in the USA.
  • Many users live in urban areas prefers the T-mobile network. As it provides  attractive plans for users.
  • Plans like unlimited calls, SMS, unlimited data, etc.
  • This T-mobile network has very low-cost plans, so this network can be used by all the users form poor to middle-class people.
  • The major drawbacks which user reported, that T-mobile network suits for only people living in cities.
  • They follow good contract plans which benefit much for customers. In rural and hilly areas, network connectivity is very poor.
  • City users are highly satisfied with this phone networks as it offers attractive plans then and there. So city living people are very active in buying T-mobile network sim cards.

AT&T Phone Network

  • AT&T is one of the most trusted phone networks which provides users with many devices such as Tablets, Mobile phone, Data cards, and many others.
  •  AT&T is best suited for both rural and urban areas.
  •  AT&T phone network provides internet speed above 5Mbps. It provides users with very stable network connectivity.
  • AT&T follows good contract plans which benefit much for customers. Many users consider the AT&T phone network as expensive. The users who don’t consider price will opt for the AT&T phone network.

Sprint Phone Network

  • Sprint phone network covers a wide range of the USA from city to town to rural areas.
  • Sprint is one of the most trusted phone networks by users for its low-cost plans and internet speed.
  • Sprint provides internet speed below 5 Mbps.
  • Some users report that using this phone network faces issues like low signal strength, call drops, low-speed internet.
  • Overall users who are willing for the use of low-cost phone networks both in urban and rural areas will choose a sprint phone network. They follow good contract plans which benefit much for customers.

U.S. Cellular

  • U.S. Cellular phone network provides you with the best network coverage and high internet speed within its coverage location.
  • However, US cellular is not fully upgraded to 4G internet connection. But its 3G network connection is worth for money.
  • US cellular phone network is the high cost also. But they provide many rewards for its users. For its rewards, many users get attracted and buy this phone network.
  • They sometimes provide false information, and they subjected to change their contract plans from time to time.
USA phone network charges
Major phone network charges

Cricket Wireless Phone Network

  • The parent company for the cricket wireless phone network is the AT&T.
  • This phone network competes with the low-cost phone networks whereas AT&T competes with the high-cost phone network.
  • This offers high-speed download and upload speed.
  • Cricket wireless phone network attracts customers with unlimited calls, unlimited data and text.
  • Many people from the USA choose cricket wireless for its low cost and high-speed data connectivity.
  • AT&T bought cricket wireless to enlarge its customer base covering middle-class. They follow good contract plans which benefit much for customers.

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