Flight Travel instructions who want to travel during and COVID-19


For the people who want to come back from India to USA or must travel on a plane during Covid-19 pandemic ( though no. 1 only happens in India as far as I know 🙂):

1. First call a medical store to order Sanitizers ( with minimum 67% alcohol), Dettol spray or wipes ( like Clorox that kills not only bacteria but viruses ), N-95 masks, gloves, Dettol liquid soap bottle or Dettol solid soap (you might have to call more than one stores to get all the things you need). They may say they don’t have things that you want but will get them for you in some hours. Don’t try to negotiate price even if they ask for a little more. Make sure you call to remind them (I called every 30 min!), don’t wait for them to call you. And as soon as they say they have got the things go right away otherwise they would sell to other people who stop by before you do. Keep all these things plus 2-3 trash bags in your purse (cross body one works best). If Dettol liquid bottle is more than 3 oz either fill up a 3 oz bottle with it or cut Dettol solid soap into small pieces for single use and put in a zip lock bag.

2. Take bags that you can drag/carry without needing a cart. Remember you don’t want to touch common things that other people would have touched. Instead take a shoulder bag for carry on stuff. With one shoulder bag and one crossbody purse you can drag 2 big bags. Thus no need for a cart.

3. If someone is coming to pick you up tell him/her to wear mask and gloves and bring Clorox wipes (if you don’t have) to wipe the bags down before leaving the airport. Tell them to keep your room ready (they should take out anything that they might need from this room). Preferably a room with a bathroom for your use only.

Also, download Mobile passport app if you have not already to shorten your time at the customs line. You can only fill it out 30 min or so before landing time. Otherwise data gets expired (unless you have the paid version)

4. Wear N95 and gloves while going to the airport. Make sure not to touch eyes, nose and mask during the entire time. Make sure you don’t talk in the car with your driver —you are not 6 ft apart. Keep exact change ready to give the driver so you don’t need to get anything back.

5. At the entrance gate don’t give your passport and ticket/phone e- ticket to the gate man. Rather show them from a distance.

6. If possible wipe your purse and shoulder bag with Clorox wipes or Dettol spray after passing security. I used antiseptic wipes (did not get Clorox wipes or Dettol spray) to clean my leather crossbody purse but did not bother/could not wipe my cloth shoulder carry on. At one point I tried to wipe with sanitizer but it damaged my leather purse ( thank god I did not drink it 😜).

7. At the check-in bags counter you can do the same unless person needs to take your passport in her/his hand. If they do, make sure you wipe it with Clorox wipes/Dettol spray before putting back in your purse.

8. Make sure not to hold on to railing of an escalator while going to the boarding gate.

Now throw away your gloves ( remove carefully from inside out) as you wait to be boarded. Use sanitizer right after that. Then go to a restroom to wash your hands with a piece of soap that you have so that you don’t have to touch a soap dispenser. Make sure you open and close restroom door knobs (at the airport and on the plane) with your elbow. Close water faucet with a paper napkin (always a good idea). While waiting use sanitizer to your bare hands often like every few min in case your hands go near eyes, nose and mouth.

Use airport restroom right before boarding as plane toilets are less clean.

9. Now wear gloves as you stand in a line to board. Make sure you maintain some distance. Once again remember not to give your boarding pass and passport to the check-in person but show them from distance. In the plane wipe your seat and armrests with wipes before you sit. Also wipe tv remote/tv touch screen/folding tray with wipes. Throw away your gloves and used wipes -either call an air hostess if around or put them far on the floor ( store in a trash bag that you have in your purse) to give away when they come to pick up.

10. N95 is good for 6 hrs. You can keep it somewhat longer if your food is coming shortly. Before eating your food sanitize your hands and remove the mask by holding its string and remember to not touch mask portion and either trash it in the bathroom or if you can’t get up to reach bathroom store it on the floor tightly in a trash bag.

Remember to sanitize your hands immediately after this. In fact you are sanitizing your hands every few minutes since you have left home.

11. After finishing eating wear a new mask even if you are planning to sleep. Just make sure it is secure but not too tight for easy breathing.

12. Fill out immigration form on Mobile passport App right before a few min of landing. Wear a new pair of gloves right before it is time to land.

Make sure you don’t touch railing of an escalator or custom officer’s window counter.

13. keep wearing masks and gloves. Your pick up contact person should also wear a mask and gloves. If they don’t have those you can give one to him/her. Wipe your bags before putting them in the trunk. Remember not to touch face or eye through out till you have removed your gloves and sanitized your hands.

14. Remember to sit in the back of the car and not talk.

15. Come home and go straight to the room with your bags and close the door. Quarantine yourself for 14 days in this room.

16. Take a shower immediately. Put your clothes tightly in a plastic bag if you are tired to run a laundry machine right after. Don’t touch your bags for 3 days.

17. Your family should put your food tray outside at the door and pick up your washed ( with utensil soap) utensils outside at door. Then they can put them in a dishwasher for a hot wash.

18. Eat, sleep, drink, and watch Pandemic, Coronavirus ;explained, “You asked, we are answering : your top coronavirus questions on CNN, Daily show, Colbert and binge watch ‘Tiger king’ in your bed for 14 days.
Believe me this is the best time of your life as long as you stay healthy 😃

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