India Passport Renewal Process in the USA


What if your Indian passport got expired in the USA. Is it possible to renew the passport in the USA or it is a hectic process to get renewed? If you have all these doubts regarding these situations. We perfectly have a solution for this and through this guide, you can make the job done easily. The renewal of the passport is basically done for two situations. Your passport date got expired or your pages in the passport got filled.  However, some people also have doubts that during the renewal process valid visa got expires? No not at all, Your Visa validation remains the same and will not expire.

Passport Renewal process

Before getting into the renewal process steps it is necessary for the applicants to know some information. In the USA all the Indian passport related functions are taken care of by Cox and King Global Services. Their website is More importantly, no other individual or council is authorized to look after the Indian passport renewal process. The application for the renewal process is done online and the corresponding person can mail the application or he/she can directly submit the application at the office. It is possible to track your application once you submitted to know the status of the application. The passport renewal process is simple one all you have to do is to follow the procedure of application properly and submit all the required applications needed. Then your passport will be issued shortly. For the issue of the new passport, the time taken may vary for different jurisdictions.

Documents required for the Renewal of passport

  1. Online Cox and king global service filled application form with applicant signature.
  2. Applicants should produce filled nationality verification form or personal particular form.
  3. Photograph copies of three with a white background and 2X2-inch size. Suppose if your passport got expired for more than 3 years then you need eight copies of your photo.
  4. Notarized copies of documents are also to be submitted they can be your Green card or employment card or valid USA visa. If you are a student then you have to submit the I-20 document.
  5. Notarized copy of Residential proof of the applicant like state ID or Driving license.
  6. Notarized copy of your marriage certificate in case you have to add your spouse name in the passport.
  7. Applicant should attach the original passport during renewal suppose if the passport is less than 5 years then the previous passport also needed to be attached.
  8. If passport expires then up to six months after the expiration date. The applicant should write a letter stating the reason why it took a delay for him to renew the passport.
  9. Other than this some additional documents may also be needed. To know that before applying, consult the embassy or passport application center in your jurisdiction.  

Passport Renewal steps

  1. The application process for the renewal either done through mail or you can submit personally.
  2. Please note down that in which consular jurisdiction you have to apply.
  3. Fill the details in the online form. All the details you enter in the application form should be capital letters. Make sure to enter your Father name/ Spouse name correctly without even making spelling mistakes.
  4. Select the type of service as Reissue of passport
  5. Fill the details in BLS order form
  6. Submit all the required documents
  7. Pay the renewal process fee either by credit card/ debit card. Payment through cash or checks is not available.
  8. For each and every applicant separate application form and separate fees to be paid.
  9. If renewal process fees are not paid properly then the application becomes invalid.
  10. The renewed new passport will be valid for ten years.

Normally for Indians, the passport validation time is for 10 years and for minor children it is 5 years. If you are a holder of a B1visa or B2 visa or temporary tourist visa then you don’t have the facility to renew in the USA. The passport renewal application can also be done in the Indian passport application center. But once you submitted, the form is directed to  Cox and King Global Services. From here you have to click the already applied. The jurisdiction of your renewal center can be easily seen through online. For different cities, different procedures are followed in the USA. The process may be similar but required documents may differ from state to state. The reference number provided to you is used to track your passport renewal status.

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