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What is Hot star Subscription Offers?

Hotstar subscription Offers means Hotstar is given special promo code with Huge discount and Gift cards for Dealers. Where you get Discount and Gift cards.

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Hotstar makes your life more entertaining and Hotstar provides you with most engaging videos in different themes. In Hotstar video bags you can watch movies of different languages, Sports matches, and TV shows, Live Channels and also our Hotstar originals at any time and anywhere. Hotstar subscription offers you a wide variety of video services in which you and your family can simply relax by sitting in front of it.

The world is moving towards the era of entertainment and it is necessary for us to grab this entertainment wherever we needed. To make your leisure time more fun and exciting make sure to subscribe to Hotstar with our guidance. Life is all about having a good time with our family and our loved ones. So to make all this happen please get ready for buying the subscription at a minimal cost. What not you will get in these?? Here you can watch international shows to your regional shows.

So what is all about Hotstar subscription is it really good to have one of the Hotstar subscription deals. Most of the onliners think Hotstar annual packs are too high for them but the fact is no not at all. Here you can find the best Hotstar deals. How??? Simply use our Hotstar promo code EXTRA20 and get full access to Hotstar subscription offer for 1 Year only for $45. You will also receive Two-Streams exclusive Hotstar specials for this Promo code: EXTRA20. This above package is also applicable for Hotstar us subscription offers also.

What benefits we get from using Hotstar coupon code. In the world cup, IPL season, we upload the important highlights of matches to make you watching interesting videos. Not only this by our subscription you watch best TVshows and Movies without ad break.

ICC World Cup Live, IPL 2020, Lot of live channels in languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, English, etc only for $45+taxes. Come on subscribe now to watch all our favorite choices of videos.

On a single account paying $44.99 for full-year with 2 streaming at time.

You have many questions in your mind like how to use Hotstar promo code, how to use Hotstar coupon code USA. what is the Hotstar US subscription offer? What is Hotstar subscription deals the USA, Hotstar coupons the USA, Costco Hotstar promo code, Hotstar US promo code, Hotstar annual membership offer the USA. Various Hotstar offers the USA. how to use Hotstar promo code, Hotstar amazon gift card, Hotstar deals the USA. for all these answers simply follow the below steps.

How to subscribe Hotstar USA with Promo code?

Step by step to subscribe hotstar USA

  1. First Logon to

  2. You will get into the page which displays the Get Offer Button and choose the Annual package of Sports & Entertainment which is priced at $49.99.

  3. After clicking Enter your Name, Email password and complete signup to create the Hotstar account.

  4. Enter Card details and Promo code “EXTRA20” and click on Apply button
    The Page shows that $44.99 + Taxes will be charged to your card.

    Hotstar offers

  5. After 48 hours you will receive $10 Gift card

    Gift card offer ended on May 31st

By getting subscribe into Hotstar using our promo code you can save a lot of money nearly double the amount that you pay can be saved. Life is all about having entertainment and fun and here Hotstar provides you with unlimited entertainment and unlimited fun with this simple package. Why delay get your friend on the call and tell him/her to share your Hotstar subscription.

You can also play games and win many prizes. Are you ready for the entertainment to come and join the subscription and get lots of exciting stuff? With this subscription, you can watch exciting videos on your laptops, tablets and even in Phone. Whenever you feel bored get ready to recharge your mind and soul by watching unlimited videos using a low-cost subscription. What you are waiting for?? grab this opportunity for your funfilled lifestyle. 

Enjoy your Hotstar by watching your favorite TVshows, Movies, sports matches with this simple procedure and get streaming you loved videos for 1 year with two streams.

Watch Asia Cup, IPL 2020, T-20 world cup 2020 live matches on Hotstar and use our Hotstar promo codes To get the best offers on Hotstar.

Frequently asked questions related Hotstar and Hotstar Promo code : Extra20

1) Hotstar USA as free Trial?

No, But can cancel anytime within 48 hours for a full refund of your money. In case you didn’t like the package.

2) Will I get a payment reminder?

The payment reminder will also be sent before 3 days prior to your next billing.

3) How many screens I can watch?

You can watch 2 streams at a time

4) How will get the $10 Gift card

You will receive the $10 Gift card Directly from Hotstar or IGP with in 7 days. ( IGP Gift card ended on May 31st)

5) How to contact Hotstar USA?

Send email if you have any questions

6) Does Hotstar has monthly package?

Hotstar has only one package which is yearly

7) When is the IPL2020 going to start?

As of now we don’t have any announcement since COVID-19

8) Hotstar is streaming BIGBOSS in USA?

Hotstar don’t have rights to streams BIGBOSS in USA

9) Hot star & Disney bundled in USA?

No not in USA. It is only in India

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