Best Shipping Option for India.


It can be quite daunting to find the Best shipping options for India. Are you looking to move or send your stuff to India but can’t find the reliable shipping services. Don’t panic; this blog is a guide to find the cheap and best shipping options to India.

Every year a lot of people return to India or have some items to send back to India. The major dilemma among the people is how to send their items to India. Where can they find the cheapest shipping to India?

Many of us plunge to all the big names but don’t consider the heft amount charged by these companies. Hence finding a shipping company that offers all the benefits can be a real challenge.

How many countries can ship?

DST Courier Service offers you the cheapest domestic and international shipping services to 200+ countries. With DST shipping services, you can have complete control of your shipments and get your items delivered to India with 3-6 days.

In this blog, we will learn how the DST Courier service provides the best shipping option to India within the stipulated timeline.

Initially we are going to search prices for sending a document to India from FedEx, UPS, USPS & USPS show you how to send in cheaper and faster way.


I went to FedEx website online and I got prices $90.75 &$117.06 with the expected delivery within in 4-7 days under economy and priority basis.


To get the best price  quote I went to UPS. The charges for letter shipping up to 0.5 Lb is $94.19


The price on DHL website for express envelope was $70.56 with 30% Off promo code from the  actual price of $100.75


I got a price quote of $ 64.95 on USPS website which delivers in 3-5 Business days and $36.45 it says 6-10 days but I read this may take 20-30 days even longer you won’t have tracking after it reaches Delhi until till its delivery

Later I found this super cool website where I was able to send the Documents just for $32.99 ($29.99 + $3Fuel surcharge) which was delivered just in 4 days. I have complete updates where my package is  I was able to track the package. Even DST courier ship with DHL,FedEx, UPS and USPS.

We are getting almost 50-60 Percent off on the DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS prices. If you see DHL, UPS and FedEx websites we are getting for $90 and $110 But from DST Courier we are getting only for $ 32.99 you are saving almost 50% to 60 %

Let us understand it with the help of comparative table for Non documents.

WEIGHTS10 Lbs10 Lbs20 Lbs20 Lbs30 Lbs30 Lbs40 Lbs40 Lbs50 Lbs50 Lbs
DHL289.79——-$475.19—–$629.69 —-$784.99 —-$938.69—-

What is DST Courier?

DST courier is among the top-notch shipping service providers in the US. It has exponentially grown in the last few years in terms of customer satisfaction. With its services in 200+ countries, the shipping service caters to both the domestic and international markets.

The company is equipped with high-end technology and infrastructure and allows you to keep track of your shipments. DST courier services have become the most reliable courier service providers not only for individuals but for business houses and organizations.

The company provides low-cost shipping services to India with as low as $32.99. The company strives hard to work according to customers’ needs right from registration to pickup to customs clearance and delivery at your doorstep. Isn’t it an amazing deal?

With its effective prices and stellar customer service DST has become a reliable international courier service in countries like India, Dubai, London, Ontario, etc.

DST is a primary option if you are looking for the best shipping services to India. What is holding you? Visit their website to get a quote today.

How does DST courier work?

DST courier helps to minimize the efforts on the part of the customers. They try to tailor all the needs of the customers. Here is how you can use to use DST to get your items shipped to India.

1. Get the Quote

To get the price quote, simply select a document or non-document and then enter from and to entry and the weight of the item.

2. Shipping Form

If you are OK with price select the service and Enter the Description and Box dimensions and complete To and From Address. You will get the updated price according to your dimensions and weight and zip code.

3. Select the service

Click on add to cart option and enter dimensions and complete from and to address.

3. Make a payment

Enter your credit card details and complete your payment procedure to proceed further.

4.Promo Codes

Get $30 OFF with code “DESIC30”
Get $50 OFF with code “DESIC50”

5.Print the label and drop off

Once you enter your details, a label will be generated. Paste the label and drop it to your nearest Droff Locations it might be DHL/FedEx/UPS/USPS.

Service wise you don’t have any Issues since DST Courier Delivery partners are DHL, FedEx,UPS, USPS.

The following steps are to be followed if you are looking to get your items delivered through DST courier services.

Shipping to India – Find the Best Deals with the DST courier.

Shipping to India has never been easy. With DST courier services, you get the best and cheap shipping services to India. Let us compare the prices of DST courier services with other leading service providers.

When it comes to shipping services, a few leading names, such as DST, DHL, and UPS, each of these courier services has its services, advantages, and disadvantages.

The shipping cost may vary for each courier service based on a number of factors –

1.Package Weight – The obvious more the weight of your parcel, the more you pay. Hence the weight of your shipment is a crucial factor in deciding the cost.

2.Package Dimensions – Each courier service will ask for dimensions to display the final quote. Larger, Bulkier packages would need higher shipping charges whatever courier services you choose.

3.Destination – The cost varies based on your final destination. If the destination is for farther locations, the shipping cost will be high.

How to Get $20 Gift DST Courier Gift card?

 Advantages of DST Courier service over other service providers

DST courier service provider is among the best shipping options to India. It offers a plethora of benefits over other shipping service providers. Here is a rundown of reasons that the DST courier service is better than UPS or FedEx.


Safety & security of goods is the primary concern with any shipping service provider. Your shipment with the DST courier is completely safe. It gives you extra security to ensure that your goods are safe and secure.

2.Best Customer Support

Impeccable customer support has made DST a prominent choice for many users. Any concern related to shipment will be dealt with precision and on time. The customer support is in continuous touch with the courier partners to provide quality services. Best shipping options for India.

3.Best Reviews

 DST courier service has the best reviews from multiple domestic and international customers on authoritative websites such as Trust Pilot.

4.Fast Services and Special requests

DST is the best shipping option to India, ensures timely delivery of goods. The service provider makes sure that your goods are delivered within 2-3 days. Moreover, the company has enough staff to handle emergency deliveries.

5.Time Management

Though the service providers strive hard to make deliveries within the stipulated time in case they miss it out, they have problem-solving skills and provide the best solution.


Find a shipment service provider is a wholesome task. If you are looking for the best shipping services to India DST courier is the best choice. With its global presence in 2500 countries, the company offers the best prices and timely delivery.

The feature of real-time tracking helps you check the status of your shipment. The company tries to eliminate the major task on the part of the customer by offering price quotes. Best shipping options for India.

If you are shipping items globally, use DST courier services for it to get right at once. To get your shipping right hope, you look beyond online reviews and compare all the factors.

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