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👉I’m earning 5k credit card points without stepping a foot outside the house using the Fluz app using AT&T more card and purchasing electronic visa gift card brand MY WORLD 101. Use the GC to pay taxes , Utility bills etc. The GC is at 1.5% rewards so for a $200 GC your earn $3 in rewards plus credit card points. You can also buy Amazon GC at discount.

👉 Ordering stuff from Amazon using discounted GC purchase without stepping out

👉 Order Chipotle (Papa John’s, Dominos, Burger King) at 35% off without stepping out

👉 Order products from CVS at 35% off without stepping out

👉 Purchased 12% off Netflix GC from this app without stepping out

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You get 3 of 35% off vouchers just for joining 🎉🎉 & you can make up to 4.5K dollars when you join using below link and refer Fluz to other friends. You can also earn residual income/passive income for life long.

🎉🎉🥇🥈🥉Also we are running a contest as you know which ends May 1st. Person with most invites by May 1st receives a $600 worth of Vacation followed by $500 and $400 vacation vouchers for second and third place. Vacation can be used in next 2 years.💯💯🥂


Watch the video to see how app works : https://youtu.be/ZrA0A8MlFqs – I

will also create a separate group for all members who use the link and sign up so they can get special offers from Fluz only for our group members. I will also share techniques so they can make more money using the app.

Fluz App

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