The best way to send money to India from the USA?


# How to transfer money to India?
#cheapest way to send money India?
#Which money transfer is best for India?
#how can I transfer money from the USA to India?
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Are you thinking of the above question you are in the right place?

There are so many options available nowadays. It’s your decision to choose which one to use depending exchange rate, speed of the delivery, Transfer fee and convenience.

Xoom (A PayPal service):

Xoom is now a member of the PayPal family. We offer you fast, easy, and secure ways to send money, reload phones and pay bills for family and friends around the world. And now we’re part of PayPal, the global leader in digital payments.

  • Best transfer service worldwide with 100+ countries
  • Since 14 years in the market
  • Online to offline transfer, Which means money can be withdrawn at Xoom locations in India once the online transfer is completed.
  • Fast Transfers – expect money within 4 hours during Indian bank hours
  • PNB Bank and HDFC bank Instant deposits
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • No transfer fee for above $1000
  • Best transfer rate for sending above $2000+

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